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>Continuous Energy

EKSA Power specializes in continuous energy supply. Within this market, the main sectors we are involved in construction, rental, primary production rural and other areas with limited energy supplies.

EKSA Power focuses on cutting-edge solutions for continuous energy supply using compact gensets that are easy to transport, suitable for extreme weather conditions resistant to the erosion of time.All our components are leading brands, guaranteeing continuous service with low maintenance and high availability levels. The control equipment for our generator technologically advanced but easy to use.  

>High power generator solutions

EKSA Power has incorporated all of its experience in the energy sector into its heavy range,developing high-powered solutions for extreme situations, at both low and medium voltage.

Our range of heavy products features high-performance diesel engines with advanced control systems.These are solutions, including modular and expandable installation compatible with other available systems.

>Customised solutions

1.EKSA Power wide-range of generators includes customised products designed to meet the specific needs of particular markets. These include working with the armed forces,civil protection services,telecommunications and the marine sector.

2.EKSA power generators are covered with one year Warranty against old manufacturing defects, which is always in line with the Warranty terms and conditions.

>Emergency energy supply

EKSA Power guarantees energy supplies in an emergency, ensuring continuous energy supply in sectors such as government bodies, healthcare, tourism, banking and data-processing centres.

 Energy supply failures can cause irreparable damage. These sectors therefore need back-up systems that ensure their activities will not be interrupted due to any failure in the public grid.

>CUMMINS Project in Malaysia

In 2016,EKSA Power supplied 2*1250kva CUMMINS with leroy somer alternator for the Data center, which located in Malaysia.

Product:CUMMINS KTA50G3 + Leroy somer LSA50.2 VL8

Application: supply electricity for data center
Power system: Two generators synchronized together and provide electricity for data center.


>RUSSIA Government Project

In 2016,we reached an agreement with local groups to supply Diesel Generator Gets, with DEUTZ Engine.We are OEM supplier from China.The Gensets have been successfully passed the test,and Delivered to RUSSIA.

Product: Diesel Generator(100kw-400kw)
Application:electricity supply
Power system: one unit synchronizing with national grid, and multiple gensets paralleling operating as well synchronizing with national grid as a whole

>55 units cummins Project

In 2016,we provide 55 units cummins generator sets to Middel East.



Application:electricity supply

>Perkins 2000kva for South Afrcian telecom sector

In 2015,we provide 2000kva perkins (4000 series) generator sets to South Afrcian telecom sector company through our local partner.

Product: Perkins  2000kva

Quantity: 1

Application:electricity supply for telecom

>Mission&Vision 1

     For customers: If you don鈥檛 take care about your customers, others will do.
     For partners: Trust and to be trusted.


     With professional skills, assist global users save power problems.


     To be your professional power system partners


ISO 9001:2008
ISO14001: 2004
CE Examincation Certificate:
     * 2006/42/EC Machinery safety.
     * 2006/95/EC Low voltage
     * EN 60204-1: 2006+A1:2009,

       EN ISO 12100:2010

       EN ISO 13849-1: 2008,      

       EN 12601: 2010

> The environment

EKSA Power has set itself the challenge of supplying clean, safe and sustainable energy. This is a way of combining both the volume of energy produced and its quality.

Energy demand is increasing in giant leaps: we are committed to ensuring sufficient energy supply to meet these needs, without harming the environment. Some of the key aspects of our production processes that ensure sustainable development include protecting nature, responsible waste management, controlling air pollution and optimising resource usage.

>Our brand

Our brand expresses our values. Our logo is a visual tool easily recognised by both our internal and external stakeholders. It is a symbol we identify with and is a sign of our identity.

In the latest version, EKSA Power has chosen to use red and black, sending a message of a network incorporating connotations related to EKSA Power values and functionality. Its design has been carefully researched and moulded to the company's current vision.

>Contact us


EKSA Power Head Office:

Eksa Power Group Company.
Factory:Qinxiyang Industrial Zone,Fuan Fujian,CHINA.
Sales Office:Hongxing Int'L Plaze,Cangshan District,Fuzhou,Fujian,CHINA.


LUCE (Sales manager)

Business Phone:86-591-87386855

WHATSAPP :86-13625086566

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